Addons and Plugins

July, 25th 2022 - 230.94 MB - Freeware
Unlock creativity and collaboration with Padlet. A versatile digital tool for educators, businesses, and creatives. Explore its powerful features!
Adobe AIR
January, 8th 2023 - 651 MB - Freeware
Elevate your apps with Adobe AIR. Cross-platform development, rich user experiences. Download now for seamless application deployment.
Firefox Developer Edition (32-bit)
December, 19th 2023 - 56.2 MB - Open source
Unlock the power of web development with Firefox Developer Edition (32-bit). Fast, secure, and optimized for developers. Download now
Firefox Developer Edition (64-bit)
December, 19th 2023 - 58.9 MB - Open source
Elevate your web development game with Firefox Developer Edition (64-bit). Fast, secure, and tailored for developers. Download now!
November, 1st 2023 - 3.4 MB - Open source
Optimize your Firefox experience with Firemin. Boost performance, reduce memory usage. Download now for a faster and smoother browsing.
Google Input Tools
November, 1st 2023 - 3.4 MB - Freeware
Enhance communication with Google Input Tools. Effortlessly type in multiple languages. Download now for a seamless multilingual experience.
Google Translate
January, 8th 2023 - 204.8 KB - Freeware
Break language barriers with Google Translate. Instant translations, accurate results. Explore the world in your language. Download now!
HTTPS Everywhere
December, 5th 2023 - 1.7 MB - Open source
Enhance online security with HTTPS Everywhere. Encrypt connections, safeguard your data. Download now for a safer browsing experience.
IDM Integration for Chrome
June, 6th 2023 - 102.4 KB - Freeware
IDM Integration for Chrome optimizes speed, management, and efficiency. Seamless integration for a superior download experience.
Java Development Kit (32-bit)
October, 18th 2023 - 203 MB - Freeware
Craft powerful and portable Java applications with Java Development Kit (32-bit). Streamlined development for 32-bit systems.