Developer Tools

ConEmu Build 210822
August, 23rd 2021 - 7.7 MB - Open source
ConEmu is a local terminal emulator for Windows and a good tool for desktop enhancement customizing multiple consoles as GUI windows.
Git for PC
August, 25th 2021 - 47.8 MB - Open source
Git is designed in a way for users to use it on their PC smoothly even if they are not experts with Git.
Notepad++ 8.1.3
August, 13th 2021 - 4.11 MB - Open source
Notepad++ is a text and source code editor for Microsoft Windows and allows users to work on multiple files in a single window.
Spyder Python 5.1.1
August, 5th 2021 - 178.66 MB - Open source
Spyder Python is an open-source scientific program written in python and for python purposes for scientists, digital engineers, and analysts.