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    Adobe Media Encoder CC 2021 15.4
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    Adobe Media Encoder setup for Windows 32-bit / 64-bit
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Adobe Media Encoder provides different video export formats with After Effects in the Creative Cloud. You can continue to work in After Effects while your creations render behind the scenes.

Adobe Media Encoder is a free encoder provided by Adobe that supports Adobe software as an additional extension to give additional features.

It allows you to continue to deal with your task as opposed to lounging around trusting that the render will finish, which means you'll have to figure out another chance to make up for lost time with that load of YouTube videos. This program relates to the Adobe video editing section. It is used to encode video files in the best format.

Adobe Media Encoder Export Settings

Step-by-step instructions to Export from After Effects to Media Encoder. Using Adobe Media Encoder to deliver out an After Effects project is shockingly simple. Few steps are given below:

  1. In After Effects, Choose File > Export > Add to Media Encoder Queue.
  2. Media Encoder will open, your After Effects Composition will appear in the Media Encoder Queue.
  3. Change your Render Settings through Presets or Export Settings.
  4. Now move to the render option.

Is adobe media encoder free?

Yes, Adobe Encoder provides a free trial version that works for 30 days. Moreover, the software works properly on both Windows and Mac Operating systems.

Adobe Media Encoder error compiling movie

To determine the issues that cause a Compilation error, first of all, we must know the reasons for this issue and what it means. This error implies that the application couldn't deal with your request for editing the videos or movies. This can be a direct result of the mistake while delivering the video or altering it. As a result of this error, your recordings won't be ordered totally and all of your hard work and efforts will be wasted. As it can occur because of an assortment of reasons, it is extreme for individuals to recognize and single out a reason. So there're some vital measures for its avoidance.

There is a wide range of reason that causes error in compiling of video: such as file duplication, disk full, file not found or unknown error, etc.

Now there rises a question of how to resolve this error?

There are some possible solutions as, 

  • You have to make sure that the file name does not contain any special character.
  • You should try a different format.
  • Try to remove effects and features
  • And the last one is to restart your computer.

Some alternatives of Adobe Media Encoder are Handbrake, VideoLan, Video Converter Ultimate, and Compressor.