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    NoScript for Firefox 11.2.3
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    Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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NoScript is a free extension software used for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla-based browsers. NoScript for Firefox usually designed for the protection of JavaScript and Flash contents from being executed. It can carry additional security by blocking all types of clickjacking and other expected dangers.

Protect yourself from suspicious scripts on unsecured websites. NoScript adds an extra layer of security on your Firefox or any other Mozilla-based browser.

NoScript working at the backend can remove all types of warning messages that can bother you, and more importantly, it can block all the dangerous types of Script that can threaten your system. This extension is a valuable tool that allows you to use the Internet with less obstruction from noxious contents. Generally intended for experienced clients. The NoScript Firefox extension gives additional security to Firefox. It gives the most powerful anti-XSS and against Clickjacking assurance ever accessible.

NoScript released for extra security and provides extra layer of protection

The launcher of the famous Firefox security add-on NoScript was introduced after the release of Firefox 57. They worked with Mozilla to make the new form of NoScript and executed alternatives to relocate settings from exemplary variants of it to the new form. The very first reviews got mixed. A few clients proclaimed the exertion and were glad that it was accessible for Firefox 57 and fresher and some others not on the positive side.

Disable or remove the extension in case you don’t want to have it anymore

We have the option of disabling the extension or removing it permanently. To disable the extension you have to click the menu option, then click add-on, and simply click extension. Scroll the list of extensions and disable the extension you want to disable. Additionally, you can also remove it by clicking on the remove option.