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What's new in qBittorrent 4.3.5 (32-bit)


  • Move the cursor to the end when autofilling URL/hash in the "Download from URLs" dialog.
  • Sort invalid QDateTime values after valid values.
  • Fix tabChangesFocus attribute in the "Edit trackers" dialog.
  • Update DynDNS register url.
  • Handle the "not enough disk space" error more graciously.
  • Correctly draw progress background with the stylesheet.


  • Fix magnet URL from the search facility.
  • Revise folder monitoring functions.
  • Fix magnet URL from the browser.
  • Allow specifying file indexes in torrents/files API.


  • NSIS: Allow more strings to translated.
  • NSIS: Update Italian, German, Estonian, Russian, PortugueseBR translations.


  • Lower Qt requirement to 5.11.
  • Clarify that the license is GPLv2+.


  • Introduced in new languages. Azerbaijani, Estonian

Bug Fixed

  • Unify global speed dialogs
  • Global speed limits maximize
  • Save fastresume during changing torrent speed limits
  • Various torrent options in one
  • Capitalize locale names
  • Improve file/folder names handling
  • Disappear notification about move storage finished or failed
  • File extension string detection improvement
  • Don't call non-existent elements
  • WEBUI, MACOS, LINUX and other related bugs fixed.