Security and Protection

February,21th 2023 - 58.4 MB - Trail
ExpressVPN is a fast, secure, and reliable virtual private network service that ensures your online privacy and protects your sensitive data.
Avira Phantom VPN 2.37.1
February, 5th 2021 - 5.8 MB - Demo
Stay anonymous online. Protect your privacy and access to blocked websites in your region with Avira Phantom VPN.
October 28th 2019 - 1.72 MB - Trail
Stay secure online with BartVPN. Fast, reliable, and user-friendly. Try it risk-free today!
Betternet Free VPN
January, 21st 2021 - 614.4 KB - Freeware
Surf the Internet securely, protect your privacy, and access blocked websites in your region. Betternet is a free VPN service.
Hotspot Shield 10.15.3
June, 18th 2021 - 20.78 MB - Freeware
Secure your privacy, sensitive information, and not saving any data that belongs to you and gives you access to blocked content in your region.
KeePass 2.47
January, 11th 2021 - 4.11 MB - Open source
KeePass is a lightweight application that helps you to store all of your passwords in a database and encrypts them using a single password or key file.
LastPass 4.77.0
July, 23rd 2021 - 33.2 MB - Demo
LastPass is a password manager that saves and locks passwords, secures your privacy and you can use it on different OS devices.
ProtonVPN 1.22.2
August, 5th 2021 - 22.9 MB - Demo
Protect your privacy and data and secure your information with ProtonVPN and enjoy using their hundreds of secure VPN servers.
PureVPN 7.1.3
July, 27th 2020 - 39.5 MB - Paid
A virtual private network with over 180 locations and around 6000 servers worldwide. PureVPN gives a way to secure privacy and stay anonymous online.
Viscosity 1.9.4
August, 26th 2021 - 202 MB - Trail
Viscosity is not an ordinary VPN server, it has been designed to provide the easiest path to new users, however, it is greatly useful for experts.