Desktop Enhancements

Logitech Options
February, 2nd 2024 - 246 MB - Freeware
Customize Logitech devices effortlessly with Logitech Options, maximizing productivity and performance.
Actual Multiple Monitors
June, 27th 2023 - 11.6 MB - Trail
Enhance productivity with Actual Multiple Monitors Free download, seamless Windows 11 compatibility, dual monitor support & more!
Actual Transparent Window
June, 27th 2023 - 8.2 MB - Trail
Enhance desktop experience with Actual Transparent Windows advanced transparency and visual effects.
Actual Transparent Window
February, 28th 2024 - 32.1 MB - Demo
Create stunning animated wallpapers with ease using Animated Wallpaper Maker.
Actual Transparent Window
March, 15th 2024 - 114 MB - Freeware
Unlock boundless possibilities with ARChons versatile features and seamless performance.
Actual Window Manager
June, 27th 2023 - 12.9 MB - Trail
Enhance productivity with Actual Window Manager Simplify window management, boost multitasking efficiency!
Alarm Clock Pro
January, 12th 2024 - 146 MB - Trail
Wake up refreshed with Alarm Clock Pro Customize alarms, timers, and flip clock features!
AquaSnap 1.23.10
June, 19th 2020 - 3.8 MB - Demo
AquaSnap is a desktop enhancement tool helps to manage window easily. AeroSnap and AeroShake like features for your OS.
Astro Command Center
December, 29th 2022 - 12.2 MB - Freeware
Optimize your Astro gaming experience with Astro Command Center. Customize, download, and update seamlessly.
July, 8th 2023 - 3.3 MB - Open source
Unlock productivity with AutoHotkey Automate tasks, create custom shortcuts effortlessly.