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  • Version
    AquaSnap 1.23.10
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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AquaSnap, used for dividing the windows into multiple portions. Basically, the AquaSnap is introduced from the Aero Snap and Aero Shake Features that were first added to Windows 7. Using the Aero Snap, we can drag the window either to the right corner or left corner. So the Aero snap divides the screen into two equal half parts. Over time, AeroSnap comes with advanced features in Windows 10. The advanced features allow you to divide the screen into multiple portions (quarters). AquaSnap is introduced from Aero Snap with advanced features and it can also be used in Window XP and Vista. And surely it is much better than the Aero Snap and also gathering less space and memory than Aero Snap and Aero Shake.

AquaSnap is a desktop enhancement tool helps to manage window easily. AeroSnap and AeroShake like features for your OS.

The AquaSnap is very easy to use even if you did not have some information about the features of this program and how they function. To pin your windows into half or quarter you can simply drag the screen or by using double click. Drag and Drop your windows to the sides or corners of the screen, and they can easily be resized to fit one half or one-fourth of the screen. Features similar to the Aero Snap feature that was introduced in Windows 7.

One of the best features of AquaSnap is that you can snap your window side by side like magnets. Moreover, you can expand your window by simply double-clicking on the corner or edges. If you want to see a window on the top of your work you can shake it to the top of the screen and to release it back you have to shake it again. However, it has many mouse and keyboard shortcuts. These mouse shortcuts are completely adjustable.

AquaSnap Alternatives

AquaSnap has an easy and simple way to deal with various windows at the same time. There are around 50 alternatives to it. The best option is Display Fusion, which is free. Other incredible applications like AquaSnap are Window Grid and it is also free. Rectangle, Shiftit, and AltDrag, all of them are free and open-source.

Uninstall the AquaSnap

In any case, if it is creating problems in your working activity. So you can remove or uninstall the AquaSnap from your system to make your system good enough to work smoothly. Uninstallation may likewise cause numerous issues. So it is important for you to completely uninstall all files related to it.