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What's new in Chatterino 2.3.2


  • Added a message that displays a new date on a new day
  • Hosting messages are now clickable
  • Messages held by automated are now shown to the user
  • Load 100 blocked users rather than the default 20


  • Fixed a potential crashing issue related to the browser extension
  • Strip newlines from stream titles to prevent text from going off of the split header
  • Automod messages now work properly again
  • Login expired message no longer highlights all tabs
  • Fix a deadlock that would occur during user badge loading
  • Tabbing in Select a channel to open is now consistent
  • Fix Ctrl + Backspace not closing colon emote picker
  • Approving/denying AutoMod messages works again


  • Migrated AutoMod approve/deny endpoints to Helix
  • Migrated Get Cheermotes endpoint to Helix