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Zoom Meetings is a messaging and chat popular software widely used for business, educational, and conference meeting purposes. It gained wide popularity in recent times because of its flexibility of having numbers of people in a meeting and fulfill their needs which are required for online or virtual meetings. It is one of the unbeatable real-time meeting software ever built.

Zoom Meetings is the most popular client meeting software used worldwide for hosting meetings, webinars, conferences, training, and educational purposes.

The host can easily host virtual meetings with just the selection of a few options and let zoom done other things. Being a host, you will have many options to share with attendees or audiences like screen share, slides share, or any particular application share. With the only free version, it supports up to 100 participants in multiple user meetings with video support. Powerful and free tool for small and medium-sized meetings.

When the host schedule or start meeting, Zoom Meetings provides him or her with the details to share with the participant to join with just a link which provides to the host to share with the participant. With Zoom Meetings, it provides the chat option to chat with other attendees or directly to the panel. QnA option is another field where you can ask questions directly from the host panels. Overall, it gives real access to the virtual world.

Everything which is defined above makes it reliable software for meeting purpose and this is the only reason Zoom is used by hundreds of million people and over 10 million meetings seen to happen on this wonderful application.

Schedule a Zoom Meetings and deliver your desire

Schedule your meetings online with Zoom no matter wherever both parties are. Schedule meetings and invite your participant to join the meeting. Ask questions and discuss the problems to solve or whatever. Invite others to have in Zoom calling, share each other opinions and get real-time meeting results.

Host and arrange Summits as Webinars

Zoom Meetings helps to arrange webinars with features which always needed. Select which attendees you want to join or not. You can host 100 to 10,000 participants based on your license type. You can invite panelists and attendees. Panelists can share screen, send or view files, answer questions, and more while attendees are view only those who watch and follow panelists.

Should you use Zoom on the mobile app or the Desktop

Mobile phone is a daily driver which means you can access zoom meetings anywhere you are. About 75% of Zoom Meetings are joined by Mobile app users like android or iOS. Join meeting as a participant is fine to access via mobile phone. But if you are planning to host the meeting, it’s recommended to host it via Desktop to have all features and options.

Is it compulsory to login to zoom in to use it?

No, actually it’s not. If you want to join any conference or meeting, you can do it by just entering to meeting id. Also, you’ll have access to all features without signing in. If you want to create your meeting or want to invite other participants, then you have to log in to Zoom Meetings. If you do not have an account, you can create it easily.