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  • Version
    Ant Renamer 2.12
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / Windows XP
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    1.1 MB
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    Ant Renamer setup for PC 32-bit / 64-bit
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Ant Renamer is a free software available for all versions of Microsoft Windows. It allows users to rename multiple files and folders. Ant Renamer can also support Unicode encoding, making it easy for users to rename files that's characters consist of Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Korean, or some other languages.

With Ant Renamer, name your files and folder in bulk with only a single easier effort with the very lite weighted free software.

Ant Renamer has two versions, one is the traditional setup file that simply allows the user to install the program or software. And the second one is the ZIP file which is the portable version. These both are around 1 MB. The interface of Ant Renamer is simple enough to take action on files and folders with a little effort. Allows you to remove the selected items, undo your actions, delete dead files from the list, or you can copy it to the clipboard for pasting it to another party for use.

Easier to use and rename file at once

Ant rename is simple to use. Users can drag files to the file pane and can select one of the available functions in the action pane. There are lots of functions name as string replacement, multiple string replacement, string insertion, character deletion, and many more.

As the Application is lightweight, it is available for all types of Windows. It supports even older Windows with an older version of Ant Renamer.

A safe and mini-program to meet your needs

Safe and fast to use, there are no viruses or bugs involves. Even there is no problem related to space or memory allocation. It does not affect the performance of the System.

All in all, it is good for renaming the files and folders and loaded with features. If you are not too much satisfied with its working, you may use the alternatives available to Ant Renamer as Renamer, Bulk Rename Utility, KRename, Advanced Renamer, and AciveQL.