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Avast Free Antivirus is one of the most popular and used by millions of users worldwide. It provides extra protection to users including the protection of home network devices such as wireless routers. Reliable antivirus network as Avast behinds it and keeps users protected by regularly updating the virus definitions. Download Avast Free Antivirus for Windows.

Avast Free Antivirus is an advanced antivirus program with the latest virus definitions and acts as zero tolerance with any types of threats

It provides security to users from a 360-degree angle meaning protection from all where and on all devices where Avast Free Antivirus running. One of the most trusted antivirus as its multiple security layers keeps safe from new threats that have never been seen before.

It provides free security to over 200 million users. It can be upgraded for high-level security but its free version is fully reliable with no limitations to user security, hence committing to protect users.

Protect your PC itself all the time and takes necessary actions against any threat

The interface is so easy to run the software. Overall, it runs itself at the backend but to check any folder or file, you can conveniently scan the data to secure it. Avast Free Antivirus can update itself with the new virus definitions to make you protected from new threats or dangers in the advanced spying world. It provides such security tools and cleanup to keep your browser safe from insecure extensions and tracking cookies.

Avast Free Antivirus is lite to run in the background as well as when you scan files yourself. It uses fewer computer resources and hence you can perform your other task without any disturbance in computer speed. With its daily job to keep away your PC from threats, it improves your computer speed and performance overall.

It keeps eye on outdated software to make sure their updates. Out-dated software can harm your PC performance and can cause lead viruses, malware, and more threats. Avast Free Antivirus tools automatically alert you about the outdated software installed on your PC.  Also, give information about the new update of relevant software. Moreover, it also warned about insecure software already installed or stop installing software with threats danger.

Turn off Avast free antivirus temporarily in case of getting blocked from the safe task

Sometimes, you want to access any file or website where it’s blocking you and you are sure that whatever you are doing is safe. In this case, you can simply put Avast antivirus to sleep temporarily. In the windows bar, look for the Avast icon, right-click on it and go to Avast shield control, and select the time period you want it to disable. When you disable it, it will stop working fully. You should disable it only in case you are sure whatever you are accessing is safe from any threat or virus. Also, you should, disable it only for a very short period of time like 10 minutes. This way, Avast will come into action again and keep you protected.

Worth Trusting as no compromise for protection

Avast is the world-leading antivirus company that has the most users and trust rate. By having a large number of users, it has a lot of virus definitions that keep updating from time to time. It utilizes all these things to protect its user's community. Keeping this point in mind, it is worth using but if Avast free version for antivirus is limited in capability. If you want to have more privacy and security, you can upgrade to the premium version.

If your system is full of viruses and you have to install an antivirus to protect and clean your PC from viruses, probably you may face problems with the antivirus program because viruses also corrupt it before it came to action. Similarly, similar reports submitted by many users that Avast Free Antivirus User Interface failed to load. Fresh your system, and consider reinstalling it to fix the error and keep scanning for viruses to be removed fully. This only happens with such computers that have never been open to any good antivirus before.

Reported problems and their ground reality

It is normal for the Avast Free Antivirus program to show “You are unprotected” because it wants you to upgrade to the Pro or Premium version for higher security and features, excluded in the free version. As mentioned before, if you want extra security and protection, you can upgrade it.

Best settings for Avast Free Antivirus to gain more security

Avast default setting is not bad at all and suitable in almost all cases. But you should perform some checks on your PC to make sure everything is fine and going well.

  • Perform an in-depth scan to catch any hidden threat that may harm you.
  • If you have concerns about any files or folders, right-click to scan them.
  • If you want, go to Avast settings and under protection, change the sensitivity from medium (default) to high for more possible malware detection.