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Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition protects the system from any type of viruses or threats. It is well known in the security market and the users are uncountable. Bitdefender is one of the top-ranked antivirus programs of 2021. Protects your PC against cyber threats, including different types of malware, for example, infections, spyware, adware, and ransomware.

Prevent threats and online attacks and make your computer safe and secure with Bitdefender and leave all responsibility for the antivirus program.

Safe to use and no negatives effects on the performance or battery of the system. Both free and premium versions available for it. The free version does not support all the features as the premium version, but it will protect the system from malicious websites and upcoming possible threats. The Bitdefender Free Edition is safe and fast. You can play games, edit photos or videos without the threat of being hacked. Performing your task without any stress of getting your PC in trouble or hurdles.

Also works as a WiFi security adviser whenever you go outside like a cafe, restaurant, hotel, or any other public place where you use WiFi or Hotspot. WiFi security adviser will scan the network and provide you the safest network. Bitdefender Firewall adds a layer of security, by blocking all types of malicious applications that ever wanted to connect to the internet. In this way, your personal stuff remains safe from hackers.

Always stays up-to-date for the latest protection features

It is compulsory to have the latest definitions of viruses and threats to protect your PC from any coming threats. It’s always recommended to continually checking for updates and security. To update Bitdefender Free Edition to new a new version, you need to follow these steps;

  • Click the Bitdefender option in the system tray, if an update is available simply click the update option.
  • By clicking the update option, the system will automatically update the software and installed it on the computer.

Bitdefender vs Avast, who stands first?

Both are amazing antivirus programs. But Bitdefender provides extra security features than Avast. Tests and experiments show that both of them are best in their protection activities but the Bitdefender is a little better than Avast.

Alternatives you can try

Kaspersky offers a free form of security cloud, a good feature as compared to it. It provides the user with protection up to 300MB each day of the Secure Connection VPN. More options are also available like CrowdStrike, Microsoft, TrendMicro, and more.