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  • Version
    BriskBard 2.5.0
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / Windows XP
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    74.1 MB
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  • Information
    BriskBard setup installer for PC 32-bit / 64-bit
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BriskBard combines a web browser, email client, and commonly used internet tools. Consists of different tabs. Each tab has a specific function. One tab can be used for instant messaging, another tab can be used for web browsing and media playing. Designed the way to use different tabs to perform different functions.

BliskBard is an advanced browser that provides multi-packed features including, internet browsing, email accessing, contacts managing, and much more.

Each tab contains a unique icon, you can even change the color of each tab. This way you can easily distinguish between each tab. Briskbard individually contains much power and uses fewer resources. Because of its multi-function properties, Briskbard can save your time and battery.

The UI of the browser is designed simply which helps users to browse the internet pages, explore between tabs, add bookmarks, and more. Just after launching, ten options will appear that permits you to perform one of ten features offered by the program, such as, open another Internet page or mail client, media player or FTP worker, etc.

Some highlighted features of BriskBard

  • An internet browser that allows you to explore the web securely. Providing media player to listen to all your music and watch most favorite films. Send and get all email Visit with companions in the IRC network. Store and discover all contact data. Everything BriskBard provides.
  • BriskBard also includes an option that allows you to transfer records to the Internet using FTP workers. You should simply choose documents for transferring and determine some FTP worker details, for example, worker name, your client name, and passwords, etc.
  • The program provides a wide scope of various media formats like MP3, AVI, etc. You have the option to play files and documents from your local computer.