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Comodo Antivirus is a free security program for windows that uses an amazing combo of many anti-virus programs, sandboxing, and conduct an observation to rapidly shield your PC from known and unknown viruses. This program is free of cost and offers its services to users for a long period of time.

Protect your files and folders by detecting and removing existing malware, viruses, or any possible threats with Como Antivirus.

The installation of Comodo Antivirus includes a few options, for example, enabling cloud-based, investigation of doubtful projects, which one accepted, and Comodo's free Secure DNS Server choice, which we declined as it can change the settings of the network in the system. The interface looks like same as other antivirus programs.  Comodo antivirus will automatically update the most recent definitions and began a full system scan, which observer several issues and eliminated them with a reboot.

How safe is Comodo for PC

One thing to keep in mind that the free version of all the software provides a lesser amount of features than their premium version. The free version is good but it is not too flexible. Same as it the free version of Comodo is good to use but it offers limited features and less amount of security. By installing the premium version of Comodo, you can easily save your personal stuff from being hacked or leaked.

Comodo vs Avast, who is best to try

Both of the antivirus software provide the same tools and options to the users even some of the security features are the same enough. But most of the researches clears that Avast is better than Comodo in many aspects. Avast provides a greater number of versions for the users as compare to Comodo. According to the researchers, Avast is better in system performance and security relates issues.

According to users' reviews, the software is good to use in any case. There are no security issues. No threat of being hacked. But there is a little bit of a problem in the installation process as it takes time in a little extra time during installation. Even sometimes during the scanning of the system, it’ll take hours to complete and reduce the system performance but it depends if your computer has a lot of threats issues.

How to uninstall Comodo Antivirus in case you don’t like and its alternatives

If the software fails in satisfying the users so they can uninstall it by simply click on the uninstall option and confirm the uninstallation. There are lots of alternatives that can satisfy the users in a very well efficient manner. The Avast antivirus program is famous for its security features. Others are Avira Endpoint Security, Norton Antivirus, F-secure, and more you can consider.