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    Core Temp 1.17.1
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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Core Temp gadget is a windows free gadget and shows the temperature and other related information of programs. The way it works makes it unique among all the programs. The program works independently from the motherboard so the degree of temperature is dependent on the CPU’s temperature. The best thing about this program is that it also works on the older operating system. Moreover, it is calculating the temperature of every program running in your system and also records it for a long period of time.

Core Temp, a simple program to record the temperature of devices changes from time to time. It keeps you alert with the temperature of your PC.

Core Temp gives all the data you need to think about your CPU; shows you the temperature of the various segments of your processing unit. It will show you the temperature change.

How to check the Core Temperature?

To find the temperature of any program you have to download the app for this purpose. Download Core Temp, it is the best in reporting the temperature and other basic info about any program of the CPU.

To check the Core Temperature of the CPU, follow these steps

  • Open the application on a desktop.
  • Find the temperatures of your processors at the lower part of the gadget.
  • Move to the lower part of your taskbar and select "show covered up symbols" to rapidly get to Core Temps.

The Core Temp is easy and simple to use. The best feature of this software is that you can also add functions to it. There are Core Temp plugins, also available in it which extend the functionality.

Core Temp vs Real Temp

Basically, there are many types of programs for reading the temperature and other information of programs running on the system. Speed fans and Core Temp almost have the same readings of temperature but the Real Temp reads the temperature to a lower extent. Both reporting the same temperature. Reason behind is simple as they use the same TJmax (Temperature Junction Maximum). Core Temp is accurate as it directly reads the temperature of the CPU core. Compatible with Nano based processor.

Core Temp vs CPU Temp

CPU Temperature is more precise at low levels, but less accurate at higher levels. Core Temperature is more precise when your CPU gets hot which is when temperature esteems truly matter. In most cases, it is more accurate than the CPU Temp.