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DVD Shrink is the software used to back up and store data from the DVD. The DVD shrink is the best option for those who love to watch movies, videos and also love to listen to music. They really want to save all of their best movies, videos, and audios on their PC which requires a lot of space. So the DVD shrink in this way provides the option for storing a good amount of movies and videos in it. This way, you can save computer memory space for other important data. The main purpose of this software is to compress the data and saves them for future use.

Backup your DVD disk with a powerful compression tool. DVD Shrink with a small file size fulfill your needs efficiently.

DVD shrink is very easy to use and it consists of a single executable file that is only 1MB in size. Installation and using a DVD Shrink is very simple and easy. The interface is good and easy to understand, coordinated into a few boards so the data doesn't look jumbled.

Is DVD shrink Safe to Use

Yes, the original DVD shrink is safe to use and block the users who want to copy your personal data. But during the download, you must keep in mind that you are downloading the original file of the software. It may contain some threat that can easily create problems for your system. It can easily access your personal data, so be careful in downloading the right file always. While you are accessing FileHurry to download, you should be relaxed about the download of the correct file which is 100 percent safe and secure.

Issues regarding the Software:

DVD shrinks last updated in 2005. There is no latest version of this time available. The software is working well in Windows 2000, Windows 9x, and Windows XP. But it does not support some of the features of Windows 10, even it is reported that the DVD shrink is not working with window 7 and Vista. This is because it does not support the newly made Operating System. The software does not support the Blue-Ray but in 2020 some features are added to the DVD shrinks that now support the Blue-Ray. These features also help the newly made Operating System to work well with it. Keep in mind that the software is still under testing. Furthermore, bugs are still under solution.

The software generates errors during the reading of files. Lots of audio issues and most important the quality of data loss happened during copying. The most important issue regarding DVD Shrink is that the user receives the notification “DVD Shrink out of memory”. Now there arise so many questions. What is the meaning of this message that is blinking on the screen during the backup of your data? Is the memory space creating problems? No, the storage or RAM is enough to store a large amount surely, there may be other reasons behind this message but it has to be fixed.

Best Alternatives to DVD Shrink

If you failed in fixing the DVD Shrink by setting it, the best option is to alternate the DVD shrink with Handbrake which can also copy and saves data on DVDs. Handbrake is a free and simple way of changing data from one format to the other format easily. The Handbrake is very simple to install and use and like DVD Shrinks, there is no error-like problem. There are many other options available as an alternate, the MakeMKV, bitRipper, AnyDVD, etc.