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Mozilla Firefox is one of the leading web browsers and has massive users reach. Endless features make it smarter and give great numbers in competition. Advanced level security and protection of user privacy make a great impression for users to attract over it. Top leading search engines already integrated with it. Supporting plugins and add-ons at a massive range. Browse faster and enjoy its sleek design. Download Mozilla Firefox for Windows.

Protect your privacy online and gain more power with Mozilla Firefox, included multi-features for your ease.

It’s one of the fastest browsers ever built. Firefox providing a smooth and faster experience to users while they browsing and surfing things on the internet. Besides it, everything is secure while performing functions. It’s lighter than any other browser which makes it so slim in gathering space. Benefiting users to have a faster and smoother experience.

It has already integrated with Google, Yahoo, and Bing Search Engine which makes you access search engines quickly. Giving you the choice of making popular search engine default in seconds. Get screenshots of webpages directly from the Firefox tool instead of having to download and installing other software for this purpose, which makes it a better option for users to choose Firefox.

Security, protection, and ease of browsing which you want at first place

People usually visit a minimum of dozens of websites daily. All users trust the browser to make them protect while they surfing things on the internet. Firefox has its own anti-tracking system which makes them protect from hackers and malicious software. It has a customization anti-tracking system to make you access the level of protection you need. Otherwise, default anti-tracking settings can always protect you from becoming a victim.

Firefox focusing on enhancing its capabilities in sync capabilities. It can be syncing anything you need from bookmarks to tab, history, passwords, add-ons, and other settings as well. You can enjoy all things across multiple devices to make you comfortable while accessing all your devices having your browsing data settle in one place.

Admiring features like developer tools, and Mozilla VPN

Firefox not only focused on giving the best experience to common users, but it also worked a lot for developers to access many things in one place. Tools like Network, Page Source, Performance, Inspector, Style Editor, Toggle Tools, Web Console, WebIDE, and more giving more opportunities to developers to access.

Mozilla also offers a VPN to add more security for the users. Mozilla VPN is an open-source virtual private network browser extension introduced in 2020. Also available as a desktop application and available in both android and iOS apps. Currently, Mozilla VPN is available for limited countries including the US, UK, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Enhance your browsing experience in a new way with Firefox extensions

Firefox has its own extension store where you can find thousands of powerful tools and features to enhance your browsing experience. All kinds of extensions available in the Mozilla Firefox extensions store. If you are facing annoying ads on any website, you can look for a similar extension that can do this job for you. Similarly, find and install add-ons you love.

If you want to download video from any website, you can also look for many add-ons available in the Mozilla Extensions store. If you need to protect passwords, get LastPass Password Manager from the extension store. Or if you are a dark mode lover, you can go to settings to change the current light mode to dark mode.

Wide range of themes to choose from to make your internet world awesome. Moreover, you can customize the theme of your choice within the Firefox session.

Add an additional layer of security with Firefox Private Browsing

If you are using someone's PC, or if someone uses yours and doesn’t want others to track what you search or browse, you can go ahead with Firefox Private Browsing which does not save your data what you visit or streamed. As soon as you close the private mode, everything will disappear other than if you downloaded the file on that PC.

Firefox vs Chrome, who is the winner?

It’s not browsers of top and bottom level, it's about the browser of both tuff sides. If we look in deep to point out every part of both Firefox and Chrome, we may have a winner. Chrome made a great impact in the market when it was introduced in 2009 and gave an unbeaten competition to other browsers. From then, Firefox worked very hard to come into the game again, covered the gap, and coming one step forward then Chrome in almost every aspect. Seeing this, Firefox is the winner.