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What's new in GoodSync

  • Log Cleanup: Do it after Analyze too, not just after Sync.
  • WinFS Disk Full: Improved reporting of Disk Full and FAT-32 overflow.
  • SysTray: When GS hides to SysTray, report it to the user via notification.
  • Unattended Jobs: Fixed Term->OK transition resulted in TermErr message not going away.
  • Unattended Job GUI: Fixed logging on Unattended Jobs in GUI log.
  • On File Change: Increased default Wait from 9 sec to 20 sec.
  • Google Photos FS: Fix item/album item paging.
  • Explorer: Improved Popup menu.
  • Explorer/Browse sorting: improve sorting algorithm, to be more like Windows Explorer.
  • Startup/Shutdown sequence: fixed some rare crashes related to global destructors.