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Google Chrome is an official browser by famous internet company Google. Free to use and most popular browser widely used by internet users. A simple and clean design accelerates user speed while browsing websites online. Considered to be the most trusted browser powered by Google Inc. Download Google Chrome for Windows now.

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser with every feature that the user needs. Lightweight, sleek design and premium security features included.

The interface of the Google Chrome browser provides a friendly searchable page. Address Search bar linked with Google to direct search your queries rather than first go to google search engine.

Google Chrome comes with powerful security features. Its database always stays up-to-date with online virus definitions. In case you visit any site which looks not secure, Google Chrome will warn you and will not let you go to such insecure websites without your consent.

Google chrome comes for simple users to advance users which helps other developers to learn more about the web and ongoing technologies. It has many built-in features for developers to test their site interface and check them in real-time by changing their source code.

As Google owns many well-known websites online. You can have them on the Google Chrome front page. Access all popular websites in one click as featured sites. You can save web pages you love in chrome and can access them later with just one click. Moreover, you can export your bookmarks to your PC and later import them to Chrome to have access to them again. This way, you never forget your online destination.

Google Chrome users enjoy the fastest speed on the web. It has an extremely good response as compared to other browsers available online. It’s being used by millions just because of its response time.

Extensions support a large number of apps available for the user than any other browser

Google Chrome separately has an apps extension where you can download chrome supported plugins and add-ons. Google Chrome has the most supported apps extensions provided by app developers. Google Chrome Web Store is a place where you can access all of the plugins and add-ons and the most secure way to access third-party extensions.

Not only you can change backgrounds in Chrome, but you can also change the overall theme by going to themes available in Chrome Web Store. Hundreds of themes available to download and install for free. Themes available in all styles and arts showed by Chrome theme developers which adds creativity while browsing.

If you are a dark mode screen lover, you can change Google Chrome default light mode to dark mode easily. To enjoy dark mode for Google Chrome for Desktop, you have to install plugins from Chrome Web Store Extension or use any theme which has dark mode settings. Or you can change windows settings to enable dark mode.

If you want to use an ad blocker for any particular website showing ads you don’t like, you use Chrome Web Store Extensions to search and add such a plugin to block ads on websites.

Access another computer and share screen with Chrome Remote Desktop

Easily access home or work computer in a few seconds using Chrome Remote Desktop. You can give or get access using your phone, tablet, or desktop security whenever or wherever you are. It uses the latest web technologies like WebRTC to give you a solid real-time experience.

To access any computer via Chrome Remote Desktop, you need to;

  • Go to remotedesktop.google.com/access, it may ask you to sign in to your google account if you have not signed in already.
  • Click “Access” to connect to the computer you want and a PIN will be required which you need to enter.
  • Now select the arrow to connect.

In case you want to use your mobile phone to get access, you have to download the Chrome Remote Desktop app.

How to keep Chrome updated to enjoy the latest features, tools, and security protections

  • Go to settings by following three dots on the top right corner.
  • On settings, in the search tab, write “update”.
  • A “Check Now” button will appear and click on it.
  • It will check for updates if available and notify you.

Make it Default Browser if it touched your heart

If you want to get rid of other browsers and liking Chrome the most, you can make it the default browser in case if any of your software or windows itself lead to open any link, then Chrome will automatically open. To make Chrome your default browser,

  • Go to settings in Chrome.
  • Select the “default browser” option showing on the left side.
  • Click on the “Make Default” button to make it the default browser. If no button appearing, it means it's already your default browser.

Hassle-Free Incognito Mode with extra security

The Incognito mode of Chrome makes user browsing more secure. If you want to use any website which has your sensitive data or access like banking logins, you should prefer using Chrome Incognito mode as it does not save history, cache, cookies, or data you entered or filled. As soon as you close the incognito window, all of the data disappear and not saved anywhere on your computer. The benefit of incognito is no one who uses your device can’t see any such activity you performed on incognito mode and even hackers will not be able to access the data because your Chrome has not saved any sort of information from incognito mode.

Some shortcut keys you can use for Google Chrome

Below is some most used shortcut keys. Just use these keys to perform any task you want instead of finding the options.

  • Show or Hide Bookmark Bar (Ctrl + Shift + B)
  • Open Bookmark Manager (Ctrl + Shift + O)
  • History Page (Ctrl + J)
  • Download Page (Ctrl + J)
  • Chrome Menu (Alt + F)
  • Find Bar to search on page (Ctrl + F)
  • Developer Tools (Ctrl + Shift + J)
  • Clear Browsing Data (Ctrl + Shift + Delete)
  • Refresh Current Page (F5)
  • Stop the Page Loading (Esc)
  • Print Current Page (Ctrl + P)
  • Incognito Mode (Ctrl + Shift + N)

An attractive feature that does not leave you bored while your internet connections disconnect or out of reach

Chrome has the most popular game built-in called dinosaur game which appears automatically when your computer got disconnect from the internet while you accessing any webpage. While your internet connection becomes stable, you can play and enjoy playing the dinosaur game.