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    Mindomo Desktop 10.0.2
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    Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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    96.8 MB
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    Mindomo Desktop offline installer setup for Windows 32-bit / 64-bit
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Take a general example, in our normal life If a, we have to study a tough subject we can make it easy by dividing the subject into two or three different portions. Same like this Mindomo Desktop permits you to sort out your thoughts and ideas in a very comfortable manner. You can organize and modify your topics and sub-topics in any way you need, without spending too much time you can search for tools that you need.

By using Mindomo Desktop, you can organize and plan your ideas in a structure you want and share your internet ideas with a virtual machinery plan.

The interface of this software has some unique features. It allows you to easily add icons, pictures, sound or video documents, hyperlinks, and notes. If you add a website link you can now visit the web browser attached to it. The product gives a very good number of customization choices too. You can apply different designs to your whole guide or a chose node, set limits, select various topics and choose different themes, and many more.

Mindomo Desktop Premium

Rather than if you want to use the Premium Version or Team version you don’t need to purchase the software it is available for free to use. The software is also available for Windows, Linux, and Mac and also for android as well. The setup file is now available in .air format, so you can download and install Adobe Air to your system to install Mindomo Desktop on your PC.

Mindomo vs Mindmeister

Mindomo is online software that is used for mind mapping and also uses as a Collaborative device. It also offers the best developing concepts and can also offer to work within a team.

MindMeister is also a work online for mind mapping technique that allows you to catch, create, and share thoughts visually. MindMeister is totally online programming. MindMeister allows you to share your brain maps with however many companions or partners you need and work together with them continuously. Visualizing your thoughts is the most remarkable approach to convey them to other people.

There are many software that work the same as Mindomo, but XMind, MURAL, MindMeister,MindNode ,MindManager, Ayoa, MindMup are some alternatives of Mindomo.