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NetSpot's primary function is to map out the wireless coverage of an area by creating heat maps of Wi-Fi signal strength. These heatmaps provide a visual representation of the wireless coverage and allow users to easily identify areas where the signal is weak or nonexistent. This can be especially useful in large buildings or homes where Wi-Fi coverage can be patchy.

To create a heatmap

NetSpot requires a Wi-Fi-enabled device such as a laptop or smartphone. The device is used to walk around the area of interest while NetSpot records the Wi-Fi signal strength at various points. This data is then used to create the heatmap, which can be customized to show signal strength, signal-to-noise ratio, or other relevant metrics.

One of the key features of NetSpot is its ability to provide detailed information about individual Wi-Fi networks.

Users can scan for nearby networks and view information such as signal strength, encryption type, and channel. This information can be used to optimize the user's own network by selecting the least congested channel or by identifying areas where interference from nearby networks is causing issues.

NetSpot also includes a number of tools for troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks. Users can perform a speed test to check the speed of their internet connection, or a ping test to check the response time of a particular device on the network. The software can also detect and locate rogue access points, which can be a security concern for businesses.

Overall, NetSpot is a powerful tool for analyzing and optimizing Wi-Fi networks. Its ability to create heatmaps of Wi-Fi coverage, scan for nearby networks and provide detailed network information make it a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their wireless network.