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    KeePass 2.48.1
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    Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / Windows XP
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KeePass helps the users to save and manage passwords under a single database. It secures your passwords from hackers or unauthorized person that can access or leak your important stuff. Securing all passwords you used for email accounts, social media networks, website memberships, online banking accounts, web portals, or wherever you have to access using a password or pin.

KeePass is a lightweight application that helps you to store all of your passwords in a database and encrypts them using a single password or key file.

Create a database with a master password and all the other passwords of your online accounts are stored inside it. Using this master password is the best method to save your other passwords. So the person must know the master password to gain access to your passwords. Rather than you can also combine other two methods to protect your passwords like key files and have some info about the user's current accounts.

You have to remember the master key and all the other passwords can be store safely inside this database. The database even allows the users to create folders or subfolders to present their data in a sequence. Additionally, you can also make your entries unique by adding tags, or by changing the background color or icon. Every time you enter into the database, you can update or add login info. Moreover, you can also create more fields in the database to store your personal data.

Auto-Type is one of its most liked features. This function allows the user to directly open any website and enter the information to it by staying inside the database.

What is the main difference between KeePass and KeyPassX?

The difference between both of them is that KeePassX designs for Linux and Mac OS while KeePass is run only on Windows. Later, some additional support added to it which can help it to run on Mac and Linux also.

Keepass Password Safe Chrome Extension

There is also an extension KeePassHelper Password Manager. It helps to save and show passwords you saved for the current domain. Included also with OTP so you don’t need to secure it by using another extension.

Another extension, called ChromeIPass, abandoned by the original creator. In response to it, KeePassHttp-Connector introduced which helps to integrate KeePass into the browser.

Alternatives of KeePass you can try

KeePass is very good for securing your passwords and other important info. Moreover, it is safe and free. There are thousands of options that you can choose in place of KeePass name as 1Password, Dashline, Password Safe, and LastPass.