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Notezilla is a sticky application for Windows and Phones intended to keep your work stable. NoteZilla is a sticky note creation application, accessible for numerous working systems, that allows you to put tacky notes over other applications, save them for future use, embed pictures, and much more.

Keep your note work in an organized manner with Notezilla and enjoy putting your note on digital sticky notes.

NoteZilla is truly adaptable in how it permits you to manage your tacky notes, and you can put them pretty much anyplace. You can even adjust your bigger notes between different devices. While the fundamental interface is not difficult to use, however, a few features can be somewhat harder to discover. Moreover, more established PCs, tablets and the working system might battle to run NoteZilla well with the entirety of its features.

With the cloud synchronization option, you can adjust tacky notes between PCs, access them from any cell phone utilizing our free applications for iPhone/iPad, Android, and so forth or send tacky notes to any contact across the globe. You can download and use Notezilla for free.

Apps like Notezilla

Notezilla is one of the best applications for keeping notes in a much efficient way, but there are many other options for keeping notes well organized such as Evernote, Google Keep, Simple Note, Cinta Notes, etc.

Is Notezilla good?

Notezilla is the best tacky notes application on Windows and the best option in comparison to the default Windows Sticky Notes. It gives a lot of features that make it a very helpful little application to continue to run in the background.

How to uninstall Notezilla Windows?

To uninstall Notezilla from your PC run the "Uninstall Notezilla" alternate way from the following menu: Windows start menu > All Programs > Notezilla. Another way is to go to Windows Control Panel and uninstall Notezilla from the projects list.